Dr Rajesh Goel is a senior consultant Nephrologist based in Delhi who is an expert in managing complex kidney disorders with an experience of 18 plus years providing excellent and practical solutions to his patients with utmost care and hence regarded as the best nephrologist in Delhi.


Dr Rajesh Goel is the best choice in the National Capital Region who has got more than 2500+ successful kidney transplants throughout his career that’s why he is Best Nephrologist in Delhi. His empathetic attitude and to-the-point treatments make him the most trustworthy person among patients when it comes to renal care.


With an exemplary patient-physician relationship Dr Rajesh Goel has been educating and counseling his patients along with his adequate care and believes that integrity is the fundamental foundation stone to a medical professional which helps breeding trust among patients which could result in providing them with the best care.

Kidney Care Centre | Nephrologist in Delhi

Being ranked as the best outpatient clinic in terms of renal issues, Kidney Care Centre owned by the best nephrologist in Delhi Dr. Rajesh Goel has been doing outstanding services to patients from the very beginning. Handling all types of kidney diseases from acute to chronic, Dr. Rajesh Goel is the primary choice of Kidney patients in the Delhi region who provides specialized consultation at the Kidney Care Centre. He specializes in treatments including Chronic kidney issues, Nephrotic syndrome, Transplants, proteinuria, hematuria, and electrolytes disorders. Being the most trusted medical professional regarding kidney issues, Dr. Rajesh Goel teaming up with his Kidney Care Centre has been doing exemplary services in the medical field by treating and curing thousands and educating the public about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Kidney transplant

The principal job of the kidneys is to channel byproducts from the blood and convert them. If the kidneys lose this capacity, byproducts can develop, which is possibly perilous. While This happens, it causes the kidneys to stop functioning properly which could lead to serious conditions which can be called chronic kidney disease or even kidney failure. This is one of the main reasons where patients are suggested to have a kidney transplant.


When your kidney fails to remove unwanted toxins, wastes, and other excess fluids through blood filtration, they have to be treated very fast. Dialysis is a treatment when your body is experiencing a condition of this cleansing issue which takes up the place of some kidney functions along with proper care and medications which help people to lead a longer life.

Dialysis | Nephrologist in Delhi
kidney stone best nephrologist in Delhi

Kidney stones

Kidney stones are the most commonly observed and one of the most painful kidney problems. They are the hard objects which are formed from the chemicals in your urine. According to the composition, they can be of different types. It can also be of various shapes and sizes. The smaller ones usually pass along with urine but if they are bigger, other medical interventions should be necessary.



What make us different

We are a full-on equipped team providing the best-valued service for patients under the supervision of the best Nephrologist in Delhi, Dr Rajesh Goel. A 100% patient-centered care centre providing comprehensive medical services along with extended care and physical rehabilitation. We focus on complete patient satisfaction and provide them with all convenient services from top to bottom. Ensuring high-quality professional healthcare to everyone forms our vision and values. The treatment offered is affordable to people and also, they will be followed up in regular intervals by the doctor himself making sure that they are doing well after the treatment. Not only offline, but we also provide online consultation at patient’s convenience and provide them with the best possible solution for their queries. Best SEO company in delhi

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Best Clinical Outcomes

A hospital is valued by the outcomes that it delivers to the patients. We are proud of ourselves for providing superlative medical care administration which has been our core quality as a quality cognizant and worth-focused hospital. These outcomes have always helped develop patient’s trust and thereby placing us as the best medical care service providers in the region. We have always been consistent in bringing improved quality outcomes and the results.

Best Nephrologist in Delhi

Experienced Doctor

Dr Rajesh Goel is the best nephrologist in Delhi offering his trustworthy services to the public for the past 18 plus years. He is an expert in managing all types of kidney diseases in patients of all ages. As an exceptionally qualified, kind, humble, and patient-friendly healthcare professional he has always been the first choice of patients in the region and is also the founder of the most reputed renal care organization called Kidney Care Centre.

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With the experience of nearly two decades, Dr Rajesh Goel has completed more than 2000 kidney transplants in his career. With the advanced technology and his experience acquired through all these years of dedication and hard work, he is continuing to provide his services to the people with utmost care and empathy. Being the best nephrologist in Delhi, Dr Rajesh Goel has always been the most discussed name among medical professionals when it comes to Kidney Care.

Choose Best Nephrologist in Delhi for your Kidneys

Dr Rajesh Goel is an experienced nephrologist in Delhi with exceptional academic and career records. He completed his MBBS from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, and is also a Diplomate from National Board in General medicine – Holy Family Hospital. Currently serving PSRI hospital Delhi as a Nephrologist. In his career of 18 plus years as an expert nephrologist, Dr Rajesh Goel has been able to make 2000 plus successful patient kidney transplant. His relentless service and extraordinary expertise have made him the people’s choice when it comes to their renal care issues.

"Kidney Age, Just Like You, Take care Of Them"
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