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Kidney Transplant


All you need to know about kidney transplant

Kidney transplantation is a surgical treatment of placing a healthy kidney from a patient’s body who is living. A deceased donor’s kidney can be helpful in person placing the kidney through surgical treatment to the person whose kidney is no longer function properly.  The need of kidney transplantation is arise due to certain medical conditions like

  • Kidneys loose its filtering ability
  • Harmful level of fluid and waste accumulate
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic and uncontrollable blood pressure
  • Chronic glomerulonephritis
  • Polycystic kidney disease

So the transplantation eventually needs when your kidney lost its 90% ability to function normally. When you feel any of these symptoms for kidney transplantation then you should concern to the professional doctors who will suggest you the best treatment after doing all the tests and examination kidney transplant in Delhi.

There are two forms of kidney transplant.
  1.  Live related kidney transplant
  2.  Deceased donor kidney transplant

The outcome of live related kidney transplant is slightly better than deceased donor kidney transplant than in case of live related kidney transplant family donor is required whether blood relation or no blood relations. Blood related donor can be patient siblings, parents, grandparents and children. Non-blood related donor can be spouse, any close relation of spouse. Kidney transplant can be blood group matching (ABO compatible) or blood group mismatch (ABO incompatible).

Why kidney transplant has done?

Kidney transplant is the last option when your kidney does not function properly. It can be compared with the lifetime on the dialysis. It has various benefits like better quality of life, lowering the risk of death, fewer restriction of dietary and low cost treatment best doctor for kidney transplant in delhi.

There is also a procedure of kidney transplant which is called pre-emptive kidney transplant. In this treatment one can get the benefit of kidney transplant before going for dialysis. But certain people with kidney failure have more risky kidney transplant then dialysis. If you have certain health conditions then you have to prevent for kidney transplant.  These health conditions are advanced age, several heart disease, alcohol or other drug abuse, dementia or poor control on mental illness. If you are active or recently treat the cancer then you should not treat the kidney transplant doctors in Delhi.

There are certain other medical factors that could affect your ability to safely undergone for the transplant procedure. For this purpose you should regularly take the medications after the treatment to prevent your organs from protection kidney transplant cost in Delhi.

Donor for kidney transplant

For your two failed kidney transplant, you just need a one donor or donated kidney. So making the living organ kidney transplant is the best option. If you did not find any compatible kidney transplant then your kidney can be replaced with the deceased donor. The donor must have the matching compatibility at the time of dialysis, on transplantation waitlist and must have expectation to survive after the transplantation procedure. For getting the compatible match, some can get it within few months whereas some has to wait for several years. The donor also have to go through with certain medical tests and examination. Whereas in some cases donor must have matching blood group with the patient so that further no problem will be arise kidney transplant hospital in delhi.

Risks of kidney transplant

There are several risks of kidney transplantation. Some are present before the transplantation and some get into form after the kidney transplant. There are certain health risks that directly associate with rejection of donor organ, side effects of taking medications and surgery itself.

Kidney transplantation also carries the certain complications like blood clots and bleeding, infection, stroke, heart attack and death. There will be leakage or blockage of the tube that link your kidney to the bladder. The chances of failure or rejection of donated kidney are arise thereby. If the patient is suffering from any infection or certain serious diseases like cancer then transplantation can be terminated with donated kidney.

It is your personal decision to go for the kidney transplant or not. You need to think carefully and considerably about the certain risks and benefits  of kidney transplantation. You should take suggestion and advice from the doctors, friends, family and other trustworthy people for the kidney transplantation procedure.


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