Who is a Nephrologist?

A Nephrologist is a professional who diagnose, treat and manage acute and chronic kidney problems and diseases. They can also treat related issues like fluid retention, high blood pressure, electrolyte and mineral imbalances. In addition theses Nephrologist in kanpur or Kidney specialist are also in charge of kidney dialysis treatment, and kidney transplants and their follow up care.

A kidney specialist is a medical doctor who treats kidney disease. When searching for a nephrologist in your area it is important to find one who is board-certified. Nephrologists are required to take a multiple-choice exam to be listed on the National kidney registry for kidney donation. Nephrologists usually get three years of schooling after medical school.

Nephrologist versus Urologist

A nephrologist and urologist are medical doctors who work to diagnose and treat diseases in the kidneys and urinary tract, respectively. Although they are two separate fields of study, they are similar in many ways. They are both physicians and usually focus on internal medicine. They both play important roles in keeping people healthy and go through similar training.

The difference between the two medical terms is urologist and nephrologist in their speciality. A nephrologist is a medical term for kidney specialist, and a urologist is a medical term for bladder and urethra specialist. A basic overview of the different types of urologists includes urologists and nephrologists. 

A urologist, who focuses on the urinary tract, is a specialist who deals with issues in the kidneys, the ureters and the bladder. A nephrologist, on the other hand, is a doctor who works with patients with kidney failure. Both of these are doctors that treat patients and help them to live healthier lives. If you’re looking for a good doctor that you can go to, you may want to look into either one of these. 

Dr Rajesh Goel

Dr Rajesh Goel (Nephrologist)

MBBS, DNB(Medicine) DNB (Nephrology)
Fellow (Kidney Transplant)

“Dr Rajesh Goel is specialized in kidney care and treatment of chronic kidney diseases. He mainly treats chronic kidney diseases and performs/prescribes the best treatments possible or feasible for the patients. He is currently a senior consultant in the ‘Department of Nephrology’ at Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute in New Delhi. He is one of the best consultants for a Kidney transplant in Delhi NCR recognised by various renowned medical Institutions.”

Past Experiences

  • Consultant at Department of Nephrology, Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute, 2011 – Till Now
  • Senior Transplant Fellow at Department of Nephrology, Medanta the Medicity, 2010 – 2011
  •  DNB Resident at Department of Nephrology, Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute, 2007  to 2010
  • Senior Resident at Department of Medicine, Holy Family Hospital, 2006 – 2007 
  • DNB Resident at Department of Medicine, Holy Family Hospital, 2003 – 2006
  • Junior Resident at Guru Tech Bahadur Hospital, 2002 – 2003

Kidney illness and symptoms you need to know!

Did you know that a pair of healthy kidneys filter blood and flush out excess water, proteins, wastes and toxins to make urine? It is a never-ending biological function. Kidney diseases such as Fabry disease, Cystinosis, Glomerulonephritis, Lupus Nephritis, Polycystic Kidney Disease, etc., promote the gradual loss of kidney function. If anyone with any kidney disease should consult a kidney specialist. Dr Rajesh Goel is one of the best Nephrologist in Kanpur. When kidneys don’t work properly, this can trigger a range of symptoms that include –

  • Fatigue
  • Cramping
  • Swelling

Various types of Kidney diseases

There are different kinds of kidney diseases. Some of the main ones are Nephritic Syndrome, Diabetic Nephropathy, Acute and Chronic Glomerulonephritis, Polycystic Kidney Diseases, kidney tumours, etc. most kidney diseases result in permanent kidney failure if left untreated. 

Your doctor may recommend you take dialysis treatment, depending on your case. It is always crucial to choose the best Dialysis centre near you. There are many dialysis centres in Kanpur.

Kidney transplant

A kidney transplant is a procedure in which a kidney from a donor is placed in the body of the recipient patient. It is one of the most common transplant surgeries performed globally. It is generally recommended in end-stage kidney failure patients.

Dialysis is a procedure performed in patients whose kidneys have failed to work effectively and sufficiently. In this procedure, the blood is purified and all waste products and excess fluid are eliminated from the body.

It is characterized by the loss of kidney function. When the kidneys are damaged, they are no longer able to filter waste products in the blood. Luckily, there are many treatments available to slow down this process. 

It is a type of invasive diagnostic procedure in which a part of the kidney is taken out and then examined under a microscope for cellular changes. It is helpful in the diagnosis of many ckidney diseases, including cancer. Biopsy is a very essential tool that ensures proper diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Rajesh Goel, Best Nephrologist in India, Provides Online Nephrologist Consultation for Free

Online Consultation is available with Dr Rajesh Goel – The best Nephrologist in India. 

Please follow some of the basic steps –

  • Click the video icon near his profile
  • Select a date
  • Register on the website
  • Upload necessary documents
  • Make the payment via the secured payment gateway of Paypal
  • Join the video call by clicking the link received over email on the decided date and time

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