Who is a Nephrologist?

 A nephrologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases. Kidney diseases can include infection, injury, or disease of the kidney itself. Treatment for kidney diseases may include medication, diet changes, or surgery. They are the ones who all are given special training to ensure and manage the effects and side effects of kidney function on the rest of the body.

A physician refers a person to a nephrologist if they find that the person is showing signs of kidney related problems, like kidney not working properly or any kind of infection in the kidney.

So, in this article let’s discuss details about what a nephrologist is and what kind of treatment is done by them. And what would be the ideal process of getting the treatment done and who is the nearest nephrologist near Rohtak and nearby districts like Meham, Sampla, Kalanaur. 

So, in order to become a Nephrologist, one should have the below qualifications:

Step 1- Students who have opted for science stream in their +2 exams and have opted for Physics, chemistry & biology as main subjects. Need to appear for Medical Entrance Test conducted in all the states by various government bodies. 

Step 2- Post completion of MBBS degree one has to undergo around 1+ year of compulsory training for both MD(Medicine) and Nephrology. 

Step 3- Post completion of the above course one needs to undergo a specialized course in the field of Nephrology. The span of the course ranges between 2.5 years-3 years and it can be done from a lot of institutes.   

Step 4- After you complete the above course, and get your required registration. You can be eligible for the jobs in the nephrologist domain. Which means now you can practice in your own clinic or can also register yourself for Government hospitals to provide services. 

Now let’s discuss the type of medical conditions they treat!

  • Any kind of kidney disease or any kind of kidney infection. 
  • Evaluating patients having kidney transplantation and monitoring dialysis treatments.
  • Their job also includes performing multiple tests like blood, urine & biopsies.
  • Post the tests are done, Nephrologists are also responsible in analyzing the scans and thus help in prescribing the most appropriate medications or treatments for the recovery.  

Usually, a known family doctor or a regular doctor would advise seeing the signs or symptoms of severe kidney disorder to a nephrologist. Some of the common indications are listed below:

  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Noticing of reduced urine output, which signifies there is a problem in kidney functioning.
  • Continuous severe headaches, itchiness and nausea.
  • Problems sleeping at the hours of darkness, also exhaustion throughout the day time.
  • Regular downside in blood pressure level and also blood in urine.


Dr Rajesh Goel

Dr Rajesh Goel (Nephrologist)

MBBS, DNB(Medicine) DNB (Nephrology)
Fellow (Kidney Transplant)

Dr. Rajesh Goel is one of the best Senior Nephrologist available in Rohtak and for nearby areas. He is an expert who comes up with around 19+ years of experience in managing difficult kidney related problems. He is available Monday to Saturday between 10am-12pm. It is always advisable to fix an appointment before your visit, so that it becomes comfortable for both the patient and the doctor itself. 

Brief Profile

Dr Rajesh is a popular Kidney specialist for any kind of kidney transplant related issues. He is one of the most recommended amongst all the nephrologists available near Rohtak and nearby areas. Below are few types of treatment that he offers:

Kidney Disease Treatments & More Offered By Kidney Care Centre

At Kidney Care Centre, we offer quality services for the management of all types of acute to chronic kidney disorders. Our key services include

Kidney transplant

This is required only when both the kidneys are not functioning and thus there is a surgical procedure followed in order to replace the nonfunctional kidneys with functional ones.  This has now become a very popular transplantation globally.  Dr. Rajesh Goel is considered to be one of the finest Kidney doctors in Delhi and nearby areas. The center where he does the treatment is considered to be the best kidney transplant center in Delhi – ncr.

Dialysis is a treatment which is performed when the kidney fails to work properly. That the process of elimination of waste product and excess fluid is not happening properly.  Through the dialysis process, which happens to act as an artificial kidney, all the excess fluid and waste products are removed from the body. Performing dialysis is considered to be the last stage of kidney disease. This kind of a treatment is provided at a particular center, which has all the possible arrangements for the process to be performed smoothly and is known as Dialysis Center.

Hypertension, cardiovascular, Diabetes and any kind of renal illness in the family are some of the examples of chronic kidney disease for which also treatment is done by Dr. Rajesh Goel. 

For any kind of kidney stone related problem, you can visit Dr. RAJESH Goel for consultation and treatment. Going to him can be one of the best solutions for the disease. 

Dr. Rajesh Goel, Best Nephrologist in India, Provides Online Nephrologist Consultation for Free

Dr. Rajesh Goel offers treatment for all kinds of kidney disorders including both minor and major ones. He is considered to be an expert in kidney transplant and also offers post care medical advice to its patients. He is one of most common and preferred kidney specialists referred by people post treatment in and around Delhi and nearby areas. In fact, he is also profound in consulting with his patients not only from nearby Delhi but also from the areas like Rohtak, Meham, Sampla, Kalanaur. He is one of the best Nephrologists available, going to him will make your kidney health is in safe hands.

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