Hepatitis B Vaccine (if HBsAg is Negative)

  1. Inj. Engerix-B/ Shanvac-B/Enivac HB.(OR ANY BRAND)
  2. 2 ml (40 mcg) IM (Intramuscularly) each time (1 ml IM over each deltoid muscle).

1st Dose ( 0 Day)

2nd Dose (1 month)

3rd Dose (2 months)

4th Dose (6 months)

(Above dose applicable in case of chronic kidney disease)

3. Anti HBs antibody titres to be done every 6 monthly.

           Protective titres for kidney disease patients are >100 miu/ml.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

1st -Inj.Prevenar 13-0.5 ml I/M – 0 week.

2nd-Inj Pneumovax 23-0.5 ml I/M after at least 8 weeks.

3rd – Inj Pneumovax 23-0.5 ml I/M after 5 years.

Influenza Vaccine

Inj. Influvac (OR ANY BRAND) -0.5 ml I/M stat (once/year) –September /October.

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