Best Kidney Biopsy Doctor in Delhi

A kidney biopsy is a procedure in which small piece of (6-8 mm)kidney tissue is taken out and subsequently, that kidney biopsy sample is processed to evaluate the microscopic picture, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy is done. It is a simple bedside procedure done under local anesthesia. Ultrasound guidance is required for locating
kidneys. It is done for diagnosing kidney disease, its prognosis and any special treatment required. It is done on prone position from the back for a native kidney biopsy and from the front for transplanted kidney (graft) biopsy. The patient requires 24hrs of hospitalization for observation.

Why I should get a kidney biopsy
  • To know the type of kidney disease AKI, CKD, RPGN
  • To know the cause of kidney disease Nephrotic syndrome, SLE, IGA, ANCA, Anti-GBM, myeloma
  • To know the prognosis and outcome of kidney disease.
  • To know the cause of graft dysfunction