Dr. Rajesh Goel

M.B.B.S., DNB (Medicine),
DNB (Nephrology)

Best Nephrologist in Delhi NCR



The bean shaped kidneys located below the rib cage on either side of the spine help to filter the blood usually half a cup every minute.

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Dialysis Centre Delhi


Dialysis is a process used for filtration of blood. Dr. Rajesh offers dialysis for kidney patients being one of the best kidney specialists in India.

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Kidney Transplant Hospital in Delhi


With professional acumen and experience, Dr. Rajesh has performed several kidney transplants being one of the top nephrologists in India.

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Best nephrologist in delhi

Kidney Care Centre

A renowned Outpatient Consultation Clinic, Kidney Care Centre handles all kinds of kidney patients. Dealing with diagnosis and treatment for kidney diseases including chronic kidney disease, nephrotic syndrome, kidney transplant, hematuria, proteinuria and disorders of electrolytes, the centre also treats patients requiring dialysis and renal transplants Best Nephrologist in Delhi. Specialized consultation at the centre is given by Dr. Rajesh Goel, a reputed kidney doctor and nephrologist, a first choice for patients looking for a kidney specialist doctor near me.

Dr. Goel, founder and consultant at the Kidney Care centre, works relentlessly to ensure improvement in kidney health of patients, preventing deterioration and surgical intervention as far as possible. Offering non-invasive treatments, he helps to manage and cure kidney diseases including acute kidney problems and chronic diseases. In case, the need arises, he has the professional acumen to perform kidney transplants and has numerous successful transplants to his credit. learn more about kidney disease Team of Doctors of Dr R.K Goel and Dr Sonia Goel who manage ipd patient in kindey care centre

Who is the best nephrologist in Delhi?

Dr Rajesh Goel

Rajesh Goel: Best Nephrologist in Delhi, India. Dr Rajesh Goel is one of the best nephrologist in Delhi. He is the Senior Consultant of the Nephrology Department at PSRI Hospital, New Delhi.